Introducing CORE Office

A powerful financial platform suite that saves you time, money and frustration, allowing you to focus on your customer first.

CORECORE Office is a purpose-built solution that provides account on-onboarding, compliance, and cash transaction processing. In addition CORE also provides for the clearing and processing of forex, futures and options transactions. FCMs, MSB's, and FOREX firms demand more access to their data and desire to provide their customers, employees and IB’s with portals and interfaces to their own data. CORE Office is the new choice for Financial Firm Software Solutions.


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"CSI.NET has been a fantastic partner for our facilities managment and software needs. Their products and services are rock solid and their support is better than I have ever experienced."
Dale Box, Velocity Futures
(FCM Customer since 2009)

We know Back-office Financial Software drives your business.

With over 15 years of experience in cash, equities, futures and forex backoffice platforms, we have proven our ability to deliver products and services that are superior in quality and consistently satisfy our customers.

Proven Methodology

Software–As-A-Service (SaaS) The largest and most mature part of the delivery model within the “cloud” is SaaS. CORE resides in the cloud instead of on a user’s hard drive or device. We take care of everything “beneath the hood” – all the maintenance, administration, capacity planning, trouble-shooting, and backups.


Built from the ground up as a web based solution, CORE doesn’t have the burden of supporting the legacy technologies and systems commonly found in the financial services industry. Utilizing the latest development platforms we are able to continuously improve and expand CORE to deliver a solution for the technology of today and tomorrow.


CORE was developed from years of hard work dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience. Frustrated with the limited product selection and cobbled together solutions on the market, the need for a better solution was clear.


We are ready when you need us. Support in financial services means we must maintain a high level of both technical AND industry knowledge.  Our team has many years of experience developing and supporting financial applications in equities, futures, and forex.