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An online solution for FCM’s, IB’s, CTA’s, and their customers. Unlock your data, take control of your business.

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CORE Clearing

A powerful, customer focused, full clearing, financial platform suite that saves you time, money and frustration.

Step out of the past and embrace the future.

A Closer Look


See your information in full color. Use the information to grow your business, not maintain it.



CORE in an online application. We take care of everything “beneath the hood” – all the maintenance, administration, capacity planning, trouble-shooting, and backups.


Built from the ground up as a web based solution, CORE frees you from your legacy technology and gives you access when and where you need it.

Frustrated with the limited product selection and cobbled together solutions on the market, the need for a better solution was clear.


Customer Portals

Give prospects and accounts their own personal web portal. Enhance your customer offering while reducing your workload.

Portal Reports

Online performance reporting. Custom trading statistics.

Business Analytics

Powerful pivot table allows for custom reporting. Data can be organized as the user needs and exported to Excel if needed. Summarize information from over 30 fields and data points.

Activity Tracking

Numerous system actions are tracked and stored for easy searching. Discover who changed an accounts commission or last communicated with an account. Convey information between shifts.

Workflow Management

A built in workflow process makes sure things don’t slip through the cracks and that procedures are consistently followed. Setup tasks to fire off at set times or assign and respond to items as they are triggered by system events such as a customer request for a wire or new prospect form submitted. Set time thresholds that will alert managers when they have been exceeded.

Role Management

System users (Firm and non-firm) can be assigned to one or more roles. Use these roles to control permissions within the system. Only allow accounting manager wire release ability or only allow compliance managers the ability to waive document requirements or only allow wire requests from the primary account contact for example. Role assignment also controls which account or account(s) a user has the ability to see.

Metric Tracking

Track and monitor employee response times to key metrics. Find out how long it takes to open an account, which employee is handling the most tasks, which step is now a bottleneck. Set metric targets to hit.

Quick Facts

  • Launched in 2009
  • Hundreds of millions of contracts cleared to date
  • Highest single day volume cleared: >885K contracts
  • Highest year’s daily average cleared: > 400K contracts


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